Things have… changed since the Grandmaster-Saur and his island have drifted off. Some things for the better, others for the worse. But the once harmonious island of the Ninjasaur, is not that peaceful anymore.

Personality Edit

What can you say about him? He is a little crazy, and a little obsessed with cake, but other then that, the Ninjasaur is an intelligent being, who can be both serious and funny. His trust is hard-earned, but worth it. His stories last longer than the existence of all who live now in this realm, for they will be passed down to the next generations. In battle, when he isn't being lazy, the Grandmastersaur can pose either a real treath or a valuable ally, who can keep his head cool and keep thinking logicaly.

How Walt got his new powers Edit

When the island drifted off, Walt had to leave his powers behind. He was fine with that, since his supply of ingredients being used in the cake factory was delivered by multi-dimensional transport service That Endorian Transport Service (We don’t need an original name. Our service proves enough) and was agreed when Walt had to leave from his “vacation” in Endor (Cackling Shadow was surprisingly fast to agree with that). He was stripped of his Reality-Warping powers by a power-reset button (it was hit by cake) but wasn’t too bothered by it, because he knew that their realm had so much more for him in store. And then, one day, the universe decided "Hey! Let's give Walt some new powers!" and then the universe decided: "Let's strike Walty down with lightning!".

When our favorite (and only) Grandmaster-saur recovered from the fainting, he discovered that the island had changed, and so had he. Black thunderclouds now roar across Lan Se Mountain, and when he stretched up, he released a bolt of lightning from his fingertips. Still weary because of the lightning, he yawned, to see -or more to hear- that with his yawn came the thunder. After realizing how funny this was, the Saur went on to see what he could do. He trained together with the eight Guardians of the island to master his abilities over the wind, lightning and thunder.

But perhaps the most changing change, was the appearance of the Thunderforge and the ever-black clouds engulfing it. There, literally any weapon can be made (also works really good for cakes) and it will also be charged with an electric current.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Storm Control
    • This includes whipping up a tornado from thin air, to shutting down a hurricane, with not only wind magic, but also lightning.
  • Multilingualism

Domain Edit

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The island has changed, and Walt now has full control over his Storm abilities, and when you send a letter to him, the Intergalactic Mailman delivers it to the Dojo, where a sign says, above the mailbox:

"Grandmaster-Saur Weilai, Master of the Storms"