Queen Scarlet of Fictoria, rules over her little piece of land which she obtained before the war, which locates below the Endorian Sea, and beyond TB's travel agency. Having been on the throne for less than three years, Fictoria has expanded its territory, along with its military strength and has become prosperous. Earning money through mining, fishing, and trading with its neighboring countries.

History and PersonalityEdit

Very little is known about her younger past, expect that she is most often travelling around the country. When she saw the poverty caused by her father, she was forced to murder her father in order to save her country. Her mother also died young, killed by her father simply the queen had given birth to a princess instead of a prince. Through her travelling, she met many people and learned many things, and gained a faithful servant who is willing to die for her.

She hopes to create a place where every citizen under her rule can live in peace, but will not hesitate to kill or start a war if it's to protect her citizens or family.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Queen Scarlet excels at fire and lightning magic, along with potion making and calligraphy. Yet she is also extremely capable at handling firearms and weapons, although she greatly relies on her single sword. Even rarer, when she wields two swords, she is almost unbeatable. She is also an amazing strategist.