Welcome to the Raimundo Pedrosa should have been my username Wiki

So, this is my wiki to chill and talk and work on writing with my friends. Welcome, all ^_^ I can't really give one specific topic, since this wiki's pretty much about everything :) Anyone can come and chill here :D You can talk about anything with anyone here, the admins and I just ask that you use common decency in your conversations. Enjoy your stay ^_^ Technically, my username is stuck as "TarrlokUltimateWaterbender", but I really wish that it was Raimundo Pedrosa (lol). You can call me whichever you want, I guess. Anyway, I hope that you have a great time here and can talk to me about multiple things :D Have fun and feel free to start up threads and discussions of any sort.

This slide show represents some of our home wikis. We are all an eclectic group of people who have come together to this wiki to make new friends and talk about fandoms. We have users from many wikis. Some wikis our users contribute to are:


Avatar Wiki

Teen Titans Wiki

The Big Bang Theory Wiki

Ben 10 Wiki

Danny Phanton Wiki

Hey Arnold! Wiki

Teen Titans Go! Wiki

DC Wiki

Adventure Time Wiki