He has auburn, freckles, scrawny build and spends his time in the library studying ancient societies. He loves rainy days. He was raised by his grandparents when his father died when he was little, his mother died right after he was born. His eyes change color with his magic.

He loves photography and drawing.

He has a bat-cat like talking creature as a pet that gives sarcastic commentary.

The WorldEdit

Anachronism Stew of Gaslamp Fantasy and Clockwork/Steampunk modernism; with modern style clothing and medicinal practices, also therapy. But the technology is mix n match with laptops, typewriters, and cameras being available, but computers are moderately hard to buy. The dominant language is Langwa which when spoken sounds like Yiddish with a Swedish-French accent.

Underneath the library is a series of rooms with hidden scrolls and information about ancient things.