Race: UnicornsEdit

Once they ruled the entire world until a cataclysm that destroyed their power. They walk on two hooved feet covered in curly brown hair, their face is human looking except for the bone silvery colored horn that grows out of their forehead and their horselike ears. Their hair is mane-like and both men and women wear their hair long. They also have long tailes that end in a thick tuft of brown hair. Their hair color ranges from all shades of brown, to blonde.

Since they have no form to change into, they at one time had extensive powers and ruled over all of the three continents. Though the ones in the 3rd continents powers dwindled down to nothing the longer the genrations lived there. A hundred years ago their powers went out of control destroying their empire and since then they've wandered the three continents scrapping out wherever they can find work.

Character ProfileEdit

Melgio (Name Meaning: Moonlight    Pronounced: Mel-shi-oh)Edit

Hair: Golden-Brown       Eyes: Amber

Age: 17

Occupation: Traveler/Librarian               Living Place: Wherever/Currently the 3rd Continent

Raised by his grandfather, Melgio was raised on stories of his peoples great history. Obsessed with restoring his people's lost glory, for the last year he 's been searching for any hints to what caused the cataclysm or how to return his people's powers to them.

He has a golden tattooon his forehead that encircles his horn. The mark is traditionally worn by the chosen heir to the throne. He has seven brothers and sisers.