Dragon rider by basara1988
Race: Dragonlords

Stubborn and prideful; these beings are the most arrogant and vain people you'll ever meet. No one knows the truth of how they came into being though their are as many theories as their are stars in the sky. the humanoid partner has as many dragon features as the the dragons has of their partner (very eldritch abomination). They spend their time locked in their elegent palaces and serve as messangers (the small ones anyway) the bigger dragons transport people and goods from one continent to another since sailing is largely impossible. It was said once that dragons could  breathe flame but that hasn't happened since the First Circle of Light.

They do have a form of magical ability, but it's based on family relationships and is semi-alive; so it's imperative that families get along with eachother. Dragons are pack creatures and young dragonlords are raised with the newborn dragons from infancy. When a dragon dies it bursts into flames and is incinerated while their rider feels the shock of it's dragons death. As a mercy, a fellow dragonlord will cut the dragonless riders throat while their in shock so the rider dies peacefully. Dragonlords are always put in pairs, no matter what job is carried out.

Also families are extremely important; and though dragonlords have no problem with casual relations abandoning a child is one of the few crimes punishable by death. Most crimes are punished with shaming the offender or in rare cases exile. Woman can have as many children as they want so long as they can provide for them, if a child is born and the mother can't provide for it, the child is declared an orphan (that way it doesn't interfere with the birth families magic) and then the child is made an honorary child of the pack.

Character ProfileEdit

Leila (Name Meaning: Rising Sun)  (Name Pronounced: Lie-lah)Edit

Physical Description:Edit

With a dancers lean muscle, and a razor sharp wit this girl can hold her own; whether it's joining in a bar fight or giving a snobbish noble the sharp side of her temper, she is force of nature. Exiled from her pack for letting her brother live after the death of his dragon, causing her and her entire families magic to go mad. Now forced to travel the world with only her dragon as company (her dragon is a sport, messenger type.) she desperately is trying to find some way to heal her and her families magic.  Her and Melgio have a history.