Character ProfileEdit

Lecti (Name Meaning: Rain. Pronounced: Lek-tie)Edit

Age: 15   

Hair: Cinnamon       Eyes: slanted; right eye is green and the left is orange-amber

Exposed due to his coastal pack (their city is located on the back of a giant sea beast) having more children than they could take care of he was found and raised by the dragons.Though the dragons and werewolves feed on eachother Lecti's life was spared and he learned many things that werewolves typically don't know; such as history, science, and technology City life agrees with him; and he happily works helping with the complex network of message pipes that constantly break down that run thoughout the dragons expansive city.

His best friend is a flicker bird ( a crow/macaw type bird that is commonly found in jungles ( flickerbirds have leaf shaped wings and when threatened tuck in their heads under their wings; they look light sunlight shining on freshly watered leaves).

Physical AppearenceEdit

Willowy looking with a slim frame with turquoise colored fur and orange swirls with a splash of yellow on his right shoulder in the shape of a weeping willow.  Due to a childhood mishap when he was younger he has a scar running across his left eye from a mother cat when he got too close to her newborn litter.


Lecti's clothes are steampunkish in looks with a crimson long jacket, greenish-brown shirt and brown pants and brown jeans.