She has elven heritage with pointed ears and the ability to do elven magic, which rests in having a "knack" for fixing technology. She has elven tattoo's on her face and arms (they loook like henna and glow a silver-purple) but these tattoo's only show up when actually used. Raised by conservative parents she ran away when she was ging to be married off at 16.  She has spent her entire life since then hiding from her family.

Character ProfileEdit

Name Meaning: Sunrise (in elvish)   Pronounced: Key-traEdit

Hair Color: Red (worn long to hide her ears.    Eyes: Green (change from dark to light depending on mood).

Physical Description: lean muscle, with a curvy body.   Home/Dwelling: 3rd Continent

Age: 20

She is currently Eolkie's sometimes girlfriend. She is Melgio's roommate.

Her favorite past time is to go down by the river and watch the sun go down, as all the lights of the city come on.

She currently is dealing with mild addiction to a drug that allows her to relive memories of her grandparents and other brief happy memories.