The first thing Chang noticed is how cold it was. Not the everyday cool of the Air Temples but a quick ice that settled under his skin and down into my bones. It’s freezing and he’s alone. He’s alone. Terror in a thousand shades of fear drives me into fully awake.

“Aang” he yells as loud as possible. His voice echoes, sounding emptier as it travels. He shivers in the empty cold.

“I’m here”, Aang’s voice yells sounding close.

Climbing over a ridge of ice he sees Aang with a girl and a boy. Judging by their blue clothing they are both from the Water Tribe. Carefully he makes his way down slipping twice.

“Are you hurt” he asks looking Aang over for injuries.

“I’m fine.” Aang says, his voice sounding annoyed.

Satisfied that he’s ok, Chang turn to the Water Tribe boy and girl. Bowing the way he’d seen Monk Pasang address a visiting Water Tribe dignitary. The girl eyes are wide and trusting, the boys narrowed in suspicion.

 “It’s a pleasure to meet you” the hostility from both of them confusing him. “Why do they seem so suspicious?’


The Southern Water Tribe is nothing like their sister tribe. The buildings are simple, little more than hand shaped ice and snow. He notices that every woman and child seems afraid, and there are no men.

“Where is everyone” he asks. 

Katara and Sokka’s grandmother simply says the men are gone. That they left to protect the village. A small frown comes over Chang’s face, he doesn’t remember the Southern Water Tribe being in any fight, but then the Monk’s did like to keep information from their students.

He likes the Southern Water Tribe but he wants to go home. He wants to see Monk Pasang and the other air nomad students. Besides Aang owes him a rematch at airball.

A sharp crack-bang is heard above; Sokka begins yelling about a signal flare. Suddenly the world goes mad as frightened women grab their young children. A sense of fear settles around his heart and he prays to the four winds for help.