The morning dawned bright and clear. The young sky bison grumbling contentedly as he practiced. The bright arcs of fire flowing like the air his brother’s commanded. His feet moving in the steady circular rhythm he’s been taught all his life. The stone beneath his feet warming as the sun rose higher, the cheerful laughter of his fellow Air Nomads causing a light smile to cross his face.

Monk Pasang eyed the young boys practice with careful distance. Chang had been a bright spot in his life. The sharp mind and eagerness to learn shocking even him. The boys more reserved nature sometimes coming off as brooding, Aang being a large help in keeping Chang from melancholy. Chang being more of a serious nature and Aang’s natural zest for life complimented each other very well. A feeling of sick revulsion settled uneasily in his stomach. Steeling him at what he had to do so that the boy’s destiny was realized

“Forgive me Chang.”

He finds Chang happily helping Monk Gyatso and Aang make fruit pies. The simple dish giving off the scent of warm moon peaches and roasted nuts; both boys are laughing. Aang demonstrating the new air ball technique he created. Chang’s bright smile at hearing about his younger brother’s accomplishment and relaxed manner a startling counterpoint to Aang’s overactive movement and excitable chatter.

Monk Gyatso nods in greeting as he walks up. Chang and Aang smile as they bow; student to teacher. He asks to see Chang and a look of curiosity comes over both boys faces. Chang follows him to a secluded bench, the sweet scent of apple blossoms strong enough to taste. He takes a moment and begins.

Chang can’t breathe. Monk Pasang has effectively banished him. He’d done a fair bit of traveling; he’d seen the rolling oceans of the Northern Water Tribe, the mountains of the Earth Kingdom, and even the jungles of the Fire Nation. Now Monk Pasang who he sees as his father is saying that he must leave. He won’t be allowed to live at the Air Temples permanently anymore. That evening Aang is told he’s the Avatar.

In the following weeks Chang becomes more personable while Aang becomes despondent. Strangely both boys become closer. Like they need to console each other as their worlds change completely.

It’s Chang’s last night when he finds Aang trying to running away. He almost manages to get Aang to see reason when the storm starts. The last thing he remembers is cold sea water and a bright flash of blue light.