Learning how to blend life and air.


             It’s an hour after sunrise when Aang asks to train. Zuko nods his head in agreement, the wind blowing cool autumn air through the temple. The sound makes a light piping sound, bright and happy. They both make their way to the inner courtyard, not wanting to risk further damaging the outer statues. The inner temple smells of wet leaves and burned earth.

            They both takes up their respective stances, pushing the inner life to his fingers making long sweeping motions while Aang copies. They do this for a few moments, and then his energy shimmers as it merges. It turns a misty shade, and a faint fear grips him. It holds; the green misty air between them and a grin spreads over his face. Aang is laughing. Zuko can’t help but laugh too.

            He pushes the air-energy, makes it larger, and Aang responds. They push, and condense. What was a sweeping mass is now a glowing orb before them. It pulses, taking all his concentration to not let go. He glances at Aang and see’s the airbenders wide grin of satisfaction. His own smile is no less wide.

            The temple feels calmer now. The scent of growing things is thick, and the air shimmers with a faint green mist. Their hearts are lighter, that something was done to clear the weary depressing atmosphere. The noonday meal is served and they both eat hungrily. Zuko is for once, at peace.

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