This is an official page from the administration of this wiki. It should be taken seriously by every member of the wiki.

Administrators on Raimundo Pedrosa should have been my Username WikiEdit

The founder and main leader of this wiki is: 

The other leaders of this wiki are:

Listed below are the active second-in-command leaders:


Rollbacks are users with the ability to, as the name suggests, rollback bad edits. They are also able to move threads. This position requires a record of responsibility. Here is what we consider when choosing rollbacks:

  1. Edit history. This doesn't necessarily mean edits here. Most of your edit history will be on your home wiki. We look somewhat at how many edits you've made, but mostly the quality of your edits. The biggest factor is how many of your edits have been undone.
  2. How long you have been a member of a wiki. The longer you spend on wiki, the more likely you are to know how to use the wiki.
  3. Your behavior. If you are constantly a jerk towards other users, getting in fights, or bullying others, you probably aren't going to have many people vouch for you when you ask for rollback. If you are friendly and welcoming, people are going to like you. Enough said.

Our current active rollbacks are:

Their input is vital when it comes to rollback consideration.

Rollback RequestsEdit

Please put your name, the reason why you think you deserve rollback, and your signature. If you have supporters, they may say why they support underneath your request. Either Antonismage or Steph32597s will answer when they decide. Good luck!